Surveillance made easy ľ with touchscreen control

This smart solution combines reliable surveillance with simple operation. Keep an eye on the installed cameras even without an extra monitor. Observe up to 16 cameras at a glance and enlarge every camera image by finger-touch. The high frame rate means that nothing will escape you. The large hard disk records video signals over a long period so that recordings can also be watched afterwards. The VGA-output also connects the D 1416S to large screens, if desired. Its slim dimensions enable this system to be used in the smallest of spaces. Multifunctional - this Mini-PC can also be used as a workstation making it highly versatile and actually two platforms in one device.


- 7" touchscreen
- Touchscreen control
- Easy to understand interface
- Up to 16 cameras
- Can also be used as a PC workstation
- DVD burner for data backup
- Motion detection + time control
- High memory capacity
- Adjustable image quality and image rate
- Recordings contain date and time details
- Watch Dog
  (system surveillance with reset function)
- Surveillance via the internet (available soon)