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An overview of all Shuttle Mini-PC products, including technical data, is now available in a concise PDF file.

» Product Overview (PDF)


A full-function PC, just much smaller. Since their introduction in 2001, these cube-sized Mini-PCs have impressed users with their wide range of applications. Shuttle Mini-PCs offer impressive performance, high-end processing and rapid assembly. The innovative heatpipe cooling system ensures the quiet running of the system and reliable operation.

» Barebones & Complete Systems


Tiny machines that punch well above their weight. Although just a few centimetres thin, these Mini-PCs are packed with intelligent and energysaving technologies. Some models are even Full-HD compatible. You won't believe your eyes and ears!

» Barebones & Complete Systems


All-in-One PCs combine monitor and processor in a single device. With a touchscreen you often no longer need a mouse or keyboard for user control. An array of additional integrated functions roundout this concept.

» Barebones & Complete Systems