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Shuttle Computer Handels GmbH

Postbox 8155
D-25381 Elmshorn

Register of Companies: District Court Elmshorn HRB 1427
Value Added Tax No: DE 118711404

Our PR Department is on-hand to answer all press queries

Shuttle Computer Handels GmbH
- PR Department -
Fritz-Strassmann-Str. 5
25337 Elmshorn

Europe (Germany, Austria, Switzerland)
Tom Seiffert
+49 4121-476-885

Europe (The Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Flemish-speaking Belgium, Scandinavia,
Eastern Europe, Eire, Portugal, Greece)

Christian Scheibel
+49 4121-476-891

Europe (France, French-speaking Belgium)
Thierry Carré
+49 4121-476-886

Where and how can Shuttle products be purchased?

The sales department has the answer.
+49 4121-476-860