Application Examples

Rarely before has a PC been so versatile in its use - whether at home for surfing, learning and working or for communicating via webcam and as an entertainer with its touchscreen operation. And in the business sector, directly at your POS, reception or counter – to guide and monitor – or in your office or conference room.


Revolutionary: The X 5000T can be used via the touchscreen without mouse and keyboard. Touching the screen with the finger or stylus replaces the mouse. The screen can even be used to accept inputs via its virtual keyboard.

Processing Power

Saving energy and at the same time using a PC with a dual-core processor without waiting times becomes possible with the Intel Atom Processor 330. Its two cores with each clocked at 1.6 GHz operate with very little energy.

Energy Efficiency

The Shuttle All-in-One-PC makes use of notebook components and therefore is particularly energy-saving, quiet and robust. The adjustable Heatpipe Cooling ensures the system is stable and runs with low operating noise even when under heavy load.


The X 5000T also comes supplied with a 1.3 megapixel-webcam, sound-rich stereo loudspeakers, microphone, a 4-in-1 card reader and WLAN in the modern N-Standard. Just connect the All-in-One-PC to the mains power supply and you can get started.

Compact and elegant

Only 3.6 cm thin and also only 3.6 kg light – Shuttle’s All-in-One-PC is very stylish in its design. Its clear shapes and high-quality finish reflect the customary Shuttle style.

High Connectivity

Five USB connectors enable the expansion of the X 5000T with external drives such as DVD writers or hard disks, TV-tuners, USB-sticks or your own printer. The VGA connector enables a second monitor to be connected.

Well appointed

Folded upwards by 180 degrees, the chromed anti-slip pedestal can be used as a handy carrying handle. The practical VESA mounting surface on the back of the device enables it to be fixed to monitor arms and wall mounts.


The Kensington Lock protection acts as an anti-theft device so as in many Notebooks the X 5000T can also be reliably secured so you can enjoy your All-in-One-PC for a long time.